Packet Sender Cloud is a companion tool for Packet Sender. The main purpose is cloud-sync of saving/retrieving of multiple packet sets.

There are various reasons to do this:

  • Keeping all your packets ready so you can quickly retrieve them when installing a fresh Packet Sender
  • Quickly swapping between packet sets when working on different projects.
  • Sharing a login (it is allowed) for collaborative packet set generation
  • Having a public page of your packet sets so others can quickly find and import. See the Pi Player example project.

If you are publishing a network API, maintaining a public cloud page is significantly easier than painfully detailing (IP, port, type, etc) the packets to your users. Plus, updating that page is easy.

Saving Sets with App

Though accounts can be created here in the cloud, saving packets is done exclusively through the app. Each login may have multiple sets of packets associated with it. You will be prompted which to import.

  1. Create a new account or sign in with your current one.

  2. Upon signing in, you can import or save packets.

    Packet Sender can import from an URL from the cloud.

    If the packets are associated with your account, you may delete or manage them.

  3. Save the current packet set inside Packet Sender.

    You may make it public and give a description. Limited markdown notation is supported.

Website Usage

Upon logging in, you will have a Dashboard. You may set up:

  • Your name and picture and company logo. This is useful if you are publishing packets on behalf of an entity. It will be shown with all your packet sets.
  • You also have a link and a bit of info to display too.
  • A list of saved packets. These were saved by your account with Packet Sender. Click the gear to manage them.
  • Packet Set management. This allows you to rename, remap, and toggle public/private for your packet sets. You may also add a description about the set. Limited markdown notation is supported.

Additional Help

You may email support at: